Research Interests

Marketing, Leadership, & Collaboration

Carrie is a constant learner, a critical thinker, and a champion for marketing & communication teams.

Marketing & the Enrollment Cliff

My doctoral research focused on ways that universities could use marketing strategies and tactics to help minimize and mitigate the impact of the predicted enrollment cliff.

Leading Teams for Success

As leaders, it is critical to support teams, coach members, and invest in their personal and professional well-being. My research interest in this area centers on how to do better by our people.

Strategies for Collaboration

Building collaboration with campus partners is critical, and I have researched and published multiple tips that university teams can strategically employ to build collaboration.

Carrie brought some great new tools to the table and really understood the obstacles we face every day in our line of work. She had some helpful tips that I will definitely be referencing in the future!”

UCDA 2021 Conference Attendee

Let’s collaborate and create something wonderful together.

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