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Association for the Study of Higher Education (ASHE) – University Chief Marketing Officer’s Perceptions of the Predicted Enrollment Cliff of 2025-2037 – Dr. Carrie Phillips

In this session, Carrie presented the findings from her doctorate to help others learn about the enrollment cliff and it’s impending impact.

American Marketing Association: Higher Education Symposium – The Enrollment Cliff: How we start preparing – Dr. Carrie Phillips

This session was designed to share how university marketing leaders can start preparing for the impending enrollment cliff.

HighEdWeb 2022 – 15 Lessons Learned from a New Manager – Dr. Carrie Phillips

In this session, Carrie shared some tips from successes and fails she had as a new manager to help other managers support their staff and avoid making the same mistakes.

Enrollify – Confessions of a Higher Ed CMO – The Enrollment Cliff – Dr. Carrie Phillips

In this podcast, Carrie discussed the enrollment cliff, what universities are doing to prepare and how marketing might help.

The Enrollify Podcast – From the Desk of a New CMO – Dr. Carrie Phillips

This podcast discusses defining the role of the marketing office in higher ed, the impending enrollment cliff and to the future of student expectations.

EvoLLLution – The Importance of Personalization – Dr. Carrie Phillips

In this podcast, Carrie discussed the importance of personalization in higher education marketing and communication efforts.

OHO U15 Things I Wish I Knew Before Becoming a Manager – Dr. Carrie Phillips

In this session, Carrie candidly shared managing mistakes she made, offer some lessons she learned the hard way, and provide practical takeaways to support your management journey.

CASE IV – Let’s Talk – Dr. Carrie Phillips & Dr. Christina Smith.

This innovative session brings marketing professionals and frontline fundraisers together to discuss strategies and best practices.

CASE IV – Create the Things You Wish Existed – Dr. Carrie Phillips & Trey Laverty

This practical session is packed with tips about working with a budget, finding inspiration, design alternatives, and assessing work.

SACRAO – Building Trust and Creating Campus Allies – Christy Longoria, Carrie Phillips, & Felisha Weaver

This session emphasizes how marketing and enrollment teams can build trust and allies across campus.

SACRAO – From Good to Great: Strategies to Boost Enrollment – Carrie Phillips

This session talks about how marketing and enrollment offices can work together to take their relationship from good to great.


ACHWE – 15 Lessons Learned from a New Manager – Carrie Phillips

This session discussed 15 leadership lessons learned from a new manager.

Print Inspired – Pro Print Tips – Carrie Phillips

This hands-on session helps print marketers tackle printing problems and involves how to innovate to overcome challenges.

UCDA – Print the Things You Wish Existed – Carrie Phillips & Trey Laverty

This session provides tips and strategies to create the print you want and do it within your budget. Additionally, it offered a time to collaboratively solve print challenges.


Print Inspired Panelist – Marketing for the Future, Engaging the Present – Carrie Phillips

This higher education panel discussed ways that marketing officers could create more engaging content.

National Student Clearinghouse Webinar – How Arkansas Tech University Uses Student Tracker Premium – Carrie Phillips & Jill Indugula

This session provided best practices and tips of how other universities could use Student Clearhinghouse data in their marketing efforts.

AACRAO SEM – Bridging the Gap Between Creatives and Enrollment Managers – Carrie Phillips

This session will offer ten techniques offices can employ to better work together and collaborate to enroll students.

CASE IV – Print Marketing: Create the Things You Wish Existed – Carrie Phillips & Trey Laverty

This session discusses strategies to think creatively with print marketing.

CASE IV – Using Data to Make Decisions – Carrie Phillips

This session discusses way marketing officers can use data in their marketing to make better decisions.


CASE II & CASE IV – You’re Over Capacity, Now What? – Carrie Phillips

This session discussed strategies and tactics that marketing offices could use to examine their workload and offered creative solutions of how to address capacity challenges.

AACRAO SEM & SACRAO – 15 Lessons Learned Working With Creatives – Carrie Phillips

This session explored strategies departments can undertake when working with creatives in order to maximize results.



CASE Currents – Feature Article – Lessons from New Managers

Simpson Scarborough – Guest Blog – Why Marketing is Crucial to Student Retention

Texas Tech Library Database – Dissertation – University Chief Marketing Officers’ Perceptions of Marketing Strategies to Address the Predicted Enrollment Cliff of 2025-2037

The Journal of Higher Education Web Professionals – Article – Why to consider presenting


Evolllution – Interview – The Role of Your Institution’s Website in Driving Student Enrollment


Strategic Enrollment Management Quarterly, v8 n3 p29-37 Oct 2020 – Article – Ten Techniques to Increase Collaboration between Admissions and Marketing Offices

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