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SACRAO – Building Trust and Creating Campus Allies – Christy Longoria, Carrie Phillips, & Felisha Weaver

This session emphasizes how marketing and enrollment teams can build trust and allies across campus.

SACRAO – From Good to Great: Strategies to Boost Enrollment – Carrie Phillips

This session talks about how marketing and enrollment offices can work together to take their relationship from good to great.

CASE IV – Let’s Talk – Dr. Carrie Phillips & Dr. Christina Smith.

This innovative session brings marketing professionals and frontline fundraisers together to discuss strategies and best practices.

CASE IV – Create the Things You Wish Existed – Dr. Carrie Phillips & Trey Laverty

This practical session is packed with tips about working with a budget, finding inspiration, design alternatives, and assessing work.


UCDA – Print the Things You Wish Existed – Carrie Phillips & Trey Laverty

This session provides tips and strategies to create the print you want and do it within your budget. Additionally, it offered a time to collaboratively solve print challenges.

Print Inspired – Pro Print Tips – Carrie Phillips

This hands-on session helps print marketers tackle printing problems and involves how to innovate to overcome challenges.

ACHWE – 15 Lessons Learned from a New Manager – Carrie Phillips

This session discussed 15 leadership lessons learned from a new manager.


CASE IV – Print Marketing: Create the Things You Wish Existed – Carrie Phillips & Trey Laverty

This session discusses strategies to think creatively with print marketing.

CASE IV – Using Data to Make Decisions – Carrie Phillips

This session discusses way marketing officers can use data in their marketing to make better decisions.

AACRAO SEM – Bridging the Gap Between Creatives and Enrollment Managers – Carrie Phillips

This session will offer ten techniques offices can employ to better work together and collaborate to enroll students.

National Student Clearinghouse Webinar – How Arkansas Tech University Uses Student Tracker Premium – Carrie Phillips & Jill Indugula

This session provided best practices and tips of how other universities could use Student Clearhinghouse data in their marketing efforts.

Print Inspired Panelist – Marketing for the Future, Engaging the Present – Carrie Phillips

This higher education panel discussed ways that marketing officers could create more engaging content.


AACRAO SEM & SACRAO – 15 Lessons Learned Working With Creatives – Carrie Phillips

This session explored strategies departments can undertake when working with creatives in order to maximize results.

CASE II & CASE IV – You’re Over Capacity, Now What? – Carrie Phillips

This session discussed strategies and tactics that marketing offices could use to examine their workload and offered creative solutions of how to address capacity challenges.



Link: The Journal of Higher Education Web Professionals – Article – Why to consider presenting


Evolllution – Interview – The Role of Your Institution’s Website in Driving Student Enrollment


Strategic Enrollment Management Quarterly, v8 n3 p29-37 Oct 2020 – Article – Ten Techniques to Increase Collaboration between Admissions and Marketing Offices

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