Been Here a Year

After finishing my dissertation in Feb. 2022, I had a friend (looking at you Liz Gross) tell me I needed to figure out what my life looked like in a post-dissertation world.

That conversation, some serious self-reflection, and a bit of gusto created the current iteration of the website And with it, a place for me to craft my own thoughts about marketing, leadership, and higher education challenges.

I had planned to write a different post (I may have planned out 6 months of content), but as I sat here reflecting, my heart kept coming back to this topic. My first post on this website was April 10, 2022. We’ve been at this a year together.

First, thank you. Thank you for reading. For encouraging. For engaging. I have thoroughly enjoyed this space over the last year. I had a fear that I’d be posting into the void of the internet and no one would listen, or worse care. That hasn’t been the case. And for that, I’m grateful. Seriously, thank you.

What I’ve Learned

As I’ve mused for a year now, I have shared several of my insights but have also learned so much in the process. About myself, about higher education, about the people in our industry.

This Community is Incredible – Many different people have reached out and made connections. Sent an encouraging note. Offered a space to share on a podcast. I have time-and-time again been awed at the great work our community is doing and felt incredibly special, honored, and lucky to be invited into meals, collaborations, conversations and spaces I’ve never been before. Thank you for trusting in me and believing in the work I’ve been trying to do.

Imposter Syndrome is Real – Being in those spaces with some incredible leaders has showed me that my imposter syndrome is something I’m still working on. I wrote about it some, but several times I’ve been in a room or in a conversation with people I admire and find myself hoping I don’t let them down. I find myself wondering if they regret inviting me. I’m trying to recognize the mental side of this and keep it in check. Please know, it’s not lost on me that so many people have invited me to be part of this community.

Learning is Fun with Great People – In getting to really connect and build a network with other incredible MarComm leaders and experts, I recognize that it’s fun to learn from one another. We all bring such incredible insight and value to our profession. Higher education marketers really do believe that a rising tide lifts all boats. I have witnessed first-hand that many are incredibly gracious to teach, support, mentor and care for one another. That’s pretty special.

Cheers to the Next Year

As I look ahead to the next year, I’m excited for what’s next. My content through the summer is planned, and I look forward to sharing my thoughts, learning from what you have to say, and working to continue improving higher education.

I’ll drink to a great first adventure and hope you’ll join me for a celebratory cocktail. Let’s have another great year!

One response to “Been Here a Year”

  1. loved your post.
    That is what I think of it
    This is a great post and congratulations on your success over the past year! It’s amazing to hear about the connections and community you’ve built around marketing, leadership, and higher education challenges. I’m curious, what have been some of the biggest challenges you’ve faced when trying to improve higher education?
    Thanks, Ely Shemer


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