August 20

I am updating the blog again for the day and went through the coupon box to get more coupons that have expired. I love a good sale and deal but coupons is where I’ve struggled. I like the idea of spending less that coupons provide, but I hate the idea of buying stuff just because I have a coupon.

This season of clean out has really helped me to hone a strategy where there is nothing wrong with coupons if they’re something you’re going to use. THey’re also great if you’re looking to donate. The discipline comes in when being intentional to not buy more than is needed just because it’s a great price. So I have no shame in saying I didn’t use these.

End of coupon rant.

Today’s Count:

  • Trash: 1
  • Donate: 0
  • Sell: 0

Total Count:

  • Trash: 283
  • Donate: 244
  • Sell: 249

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