August 6

The final set of shoes in the shoe sort are these two.

The shoes on the left are going to the Consignment store, while the shoes on the right are going to the trash can.

After looking through my shoes — I think I only need one more set of shoes to be covered for the winter. I need some gold flats. I’m impressed with myself. I normally spend several hundred on Sam Edelman flats. This year I turned to Poshmark and to Ebay. Both pairs I bought were for about $30 each. That’s around 60 for the shoes, and they’re in great shape! That’s a change that would not have happened if it weren’t for this.

Today’s Count:

  • Trash: 1
  • Donate: 0
  • Sell: 1

Total Count:

  • Trash: 277
  • Donate: 237
  • Sell: 245

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