July 18

These are a pair of pants that have been in the Boy Scout closet for quiet some time.

They’re nice but don’t fit.

No real attachment but am glad these are gone.

I have a change in how Carrie operates to share. I have a super skinny foot. It makes finding shoes tough. Really.

Sam Edelman  is my jam when it comes to shoes. Their ballet flats fit my foot. I normally have a silver, gold, neutral and black each year. At about $100 a pop, that can add up quickly. This year, I had the idea to see what existed on eBay first.

I found a pair of Like New silver ones for approximately $30. They have barely been worn. When I say barely, I mean maybe once on a carpeted floor. Lesson learned– I intend to start there more on shoes to see if a deal exists. Surprising to me how excited I was over this find. It made me wonder if people have reacted the same way over my consignment drop offs.

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