June 30

It’s the end of the six month mark. Where has the time gone? This project has truly been life changing.

I find myself less attracted to stuff. I think about what’s coming in and out of the house with much more clarity. This is a huge example: I don’t remember the last time that I went to Target. I used to go to Target once a week.

I also find myself looking more critically at the pantry. This week’s grocery effort focused on cleaning out what’s there. After all, I don’t want things to go bad, so I found myself making progress on cleaning out the two freezers.

Finally, I find myself focusing on my digital footprint too. I’ve cleaned my dropbox, cleaned out my email inbox and sorted emails. I’ve also made it a habit to unsubscribe. I’ve sorted my photos by year and have cleaned out many photos from my iPhone. I know it’s crazy to have accomplished that in 6 months, but the level of freedom I feel is pretty significant.

I can’t wait to see what the next six months hold.

Also, just as an update– this is a photo from the email cleanup realm. I finally finished sorting all old emails (old is defined as 2016 and older). I was able to clean out the majority and the others are neatly organized by year.

Today’s Count:

  • Trash: 1
  • Donate: 0
  • Sell: 0

Total Count:

  • Trash: 235
  • Donate: 230
  • Sell: 220

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