June 12

I finally tackled the WORST shelf in the laundry room. It’s bad. Really bad. Or it was.

It’s now organized in a way that makes sense, for the most part. We still have too many lightbulbs but that’s another story.

I found a chain — no idea where that came from. I think it was used when daddy and I switched out the light in the kitchen. If you know anything about my father, you know he never got rid of the spare parts, so it makes sense this would be here. It made me laugh and think of him.

I also found a burned candle that matched a display in my living room. No idea why I saved a burned version of the candle. That’s strange.

I also have a mystery piece of metal. It came with the house, and the instructions say it helps to stabilize the range. If the range has done okay so far, I’m not sure why there’s a need for this piece of metal. I’m sending it to the recycling bin!

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Total Count:

  • Trash: 197
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