June 10

I cleaned out the basket where the coupons and the receipts live. I love a deal so I try to hold onto coupons until they’re no longer valid.

However, I’m not great at cleaning out the basket. As you can see, there are a pile of expired coupons.

One thing I’ve learned in cleaning out and trying to look at what I have is that just because I have a coupon doesn’t mean I need to use it.

For instance, I don’t need thousands of canned goods even though I may have a coupon. I’m trying to stick to the items needed. It’s hard. And Rome wasn’t built in a day, but I’m making progress on it!

Today’s Count:

  • Trash: 1
  • Donate: 0
  • Sell: 0

Total Count:

  • Trash: 194
  • Donate: 213
  • Sell: 208

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