May 31

This next blog post is one that’s really hard for me. Not because of the thing itself but because the topic is extremely personal and regarding something I share with very few.

After my daddy passed away nearly two and a half years ago, I had trouble sleeping at night. My mind would race through the medicine-induced battles we had about eating, doing exercise and the like.

I had trouble breathing, being in tight spaces and especially sleeping. The breathing and tight spaces have gotten better. Sleeping is still tough. When I upgraded to the iPhone X I no longer had a phone and a headphone jack. Enter this device. It’s a splitter that allows me to have both. I have used it so much that it finally died.

I wish the story was ending here that I no longer needed it, but I’m not there yet. I wish. I hope. One day. Just not yet. Instead, I bought a new adapter to help me get through the evenings.

As I write this, I hope this part of my story inspires someone else. I never thought I would experience emotional trauma. But I did. And it’s tough. I’m better thanks to the army of support I’ve had and hope one day I won’t carry as much of this with me.

I’m throwing this adapter in the trash and hoping a day comes when I no longer need an adapter.

Thanks for listening today.

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