June 2

I started working on the playbill project as decoration for my office. As such, I decided to clean out some of my old playbills in the process.

Thanks to this cleaning year, I’ve learned there is a market for EVERYTHING on eBay. I’ve listed these and hope they bring happiness to someone else.

On a related note, I’m almost caught up on this blogging project and that feels great!

I really do love sharing this story and hope that you enjoy listening to me ramble about the junk I find in my house.

I do think the process has made me much more reflective about purchases. I own that I like to shop but find myself much more aware now of what I have and what I actually need. That part of this process has surprised me a bit. I’m hyperaware of what’s in my closet, what I wear regularly and also what things are great buys and what things are not. I guess it’s another sign I’m growing up!


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