June 1

I take a TON of pictures. Selfies. Pretty things. Random things. You name it.

At one point, I had over 10,000 snaps on my cell phone. I started last fall cleaning all my digital images and getting them sorted. Tonight, I finished that task.

All of my photos are stored in dropbox and organized by year. I got rid of a ton. Afterall, who needs 10 versions of the same shot. I did in a previous world.

I hope to keep this up as I take new photos. I’ve also tried to do a better job of deleting photos that I don’t need long-term. A random photo to remind me to do something doesn’t have to live forever.

As I think about my digital storage and counting it toward this effort. It really is amazing how much cleaning one can do when trying to remove one thing a day for a full year.

This one has me all nostalgic, but it feels good to have it cleaned and sorted. Thanks to everyone who helped create thousands (literally) of memories. So glad you’re part of the journey!



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