May 20

A few years ago Chris really wanted a tablet. They were expensive. Our dollars were tight.

I researched. I saved. I Black Friday scoured.

After all of this, I knew the ASUS T100TA was the winner. It combined the needed functionality with the extras Chris wanted.

I found a great Black Friday deal on this and I bought it. Chris loved it, and he used it for a while. When he started his MBA, it no longer made sense to have this solely, so he upgraded and moved to a full on laptop.

This one is a little tough to sell. Not because the piece of technology is so useful, but because I spent so much time researching to stretch our dollars. It stings a little to post it online, even though we no longer need it.

I listed this on eBay and hope someone will buy it. It comes with a tablet bag, charger and cleaning cloth. Not a bad deal.

Unrelated, I’d given mom the George Foreman a while back. She passes it off to a lady at her office. The lady put it in her garage sale, and I made $10. Crazy easy money!

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