May 11

This is an example of reusing things that I’m really proud of. I bought this purse several years ago. I pulled it out in January and have been using it every day as part of my purse/laptop bag combo.

Instead of buying new, I’ve been reusing. This adventure of being more critical of cleaning out helped me use a purse with a little more life in it and helped to save the funds instead of blowing a few hundred dollars on a new purse. Now that it’s spring/summer– it’s time to embrace a new purse. I’m heading back to the closet to see what other purses in the tub might be available for recycling.

I can think of a couple, so we’ll see. At this rate, it may be September before I buy a new purse. That’s over a year, so I can live with that!

The handles on this one are fairly destroyed now, so I don’t mind getting rid of it and am thankful it served two seasons worth of use.

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