May 7

I’m excited to share this one with the blog community.

I’m going back to school! Attending graduate school has been on my heart for about a year now. In November, I decided to go for it! My initial plan was to look and decide on options this year. However, as I thought more about it– I decided to just get the process started.

In January, I began studying for the GRE. Please understand how big this is. The last time I did math like this was studying for the GRE in 2006 to begin my master’s degree.

I was interested in several big schools that required a specific GRE score. I took this test at the end of January, which would give me just enough time to have it officially graded and submitted by the deadlines.

I took this picture and have been saving it since that day in January. I’m now pleased to say I got the score I needed, got into the schools I wanted and have made my decision. I’m going to Texas Tech for the program.

And I am thrilled to trash this book, as I hope to never do that kind of math again. End of report.

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