April 29

I think this is the last of the skincare products. Two bottles of Chlorox 2. The big bottles from Sam’s. I’ve packaged these up to go to mom’s house.

I’ve really been thinking this week that sometimes we have to give up comfort and give up things we enjoy in order to have the time and energy to really dream big. That’s been on my heart this week as I gave up one of my classes (and the extra funds) to ensure that I’d have the time and energy to commit to another big dream.

Much like the physical of time and energy, I wonder if giving up things is the same way. I’m nearly 4 months through this and haven’t felt the physical pains of giving up anything yet. However, as I’m sure those feelings will come, I can’t help but wonder what great things will come from the pain and struggle of getting by with less now.

We shall see.

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