April 24

In college, I was a major scrapbooker. I scrapbooked my entire collegiate experience.

My service sorority even won a scrapbooking award at the regional convention when I was a historian.

Anyways, scrapbooking was a huge part of my life. The key word is was. Currently, half of the space under the guest bedroom is scrapbooking supplies. Since the last time I made a scrapbook page was about 5 years ago, I decided it was time to get rid of some of these goodies.

Up first was the giant carton of paper. I had a bit of nostalgia as I was cleaning it out. I found myself thinking what If I need it or I hate to get rid of all of those supplies. This was the first tough thing to get rid of. Not so much that I still enjoy it, but I felt like I was getting rid of part of my past.

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