April 10

Today came the dreaded junk drawer in the kitchen.

It’s bad ya’ll!

Here’s a pile pens, and other items that no longer work but are in the drawer. I wish you could see the before and after on this one. It’s a big difference.

There’s also a junk cabinet in the laundry room, but that’s coming another day.

I am starting to wonder if I’ll have enough stuff left to go. I have 2.5 rooms left to go through and then it may get difficult to start making some tough actual cleaning decisions.

I figure I can make it another month on those rooms in terms of various drawers and such, so more to come!

Today’s Count

  • Trash: 15
  • Donate: 0
  • Sell: 0

Total Count

  • Trash: 105
  • Donate: 186
  • Sell: 139

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