February 9

While I’ve been cleaning out, I’ve been missing daddy quite a bit lately. Daddy was a keeper of things. He had stacks, but he could always find what he needed in them.

Today is two years, and I still miss him so. Mom and I are having a girl’s weekend where we snuggle and remember the fond happy memories. I am particularly aware as I’ve been writing the dates down. Dad taught me how to spell February and Wednesday for my spelling tests. He helped me to learn you don’t spell them the way they’re pronounced.

Thanks for letting me digress for that. I don’t think I’ll ever face this day without thinking about my daddy. Oh how I miss him so.

This drawer was a hodge-podge and all I found was a Yankees jersey and a swim coverup. Mom and I go watch the Yankees when we’re in New York. It’s such a fun memory, but this jersey is way too small. If I lose more weight (8 pounds so far) I’ll gladly buy another one.

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