January 31

Wow! It’s already been a month. I had a discussion with the mentor who inspired this project last week. I was telling him that I feel like there are moments this project could go on forever, and I could always find something to get rid of.

I still feel that way. It blows my mind how much junk we collect. There really is blessing in living with less. My mentor told me there’s a freedom coming. I haven’t gotten there yet but am waiting!

Today was cathartic. I cleaned out the sock drawer! I have several needs for socks, tennis shoes, boots, fuzzy socks because I have the worlds coldest feet.

I’ve collected several pairs of extra socks that don’t fit those requirements, so I’ve gotten rid of them.

When I broke my foot three years ago, I had several pairs of boots socks to keep my toes warm in my walking bot. I don’t need nearly that many, and since I don’t wear many heels…. there isn’t much need for the heel cushions either.

This was a great clean-out and the drawer shuts much better!

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