January 27

Another round of summer clothes is up this week. This is a small tub that had a few things, so I really didn’t have much to go through. However, when I was putting this tub back in the closet, I found a tub I’d completely forgotten about. See what I mean… too much stuff!

This tub includes two blouses that I am tossing. They each bug me for different reasons, so they tend to migrate to the back of the closet. I hope they’re consignment hits!

One thing I noticed is that many of my clothes are fairly wrinkled from time in various tubs. I’m hoping as I continue to clean and continue healthy eating habits/moving habits, I will have more goodies to cull, and ultimately be able to get the things from each season in the closet.

The other item is a clear purse to take to football games. I bought this one, used it once, and it broke. I’ve since bought another. It’s time to be real with the fact I’m not going to fix it.


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