January 26

Today I tackled the summer shoe tub. Shoes have always been my weakness. For some reason I buy some every year that I’m not going to use much. I’m not sure why.

Shoes is one area I really need to start thinking about more seriously when purchasing. They just seem to speak to me. As I was getting rid of these, I was already think about new shoe purchases I need (using the word need lightly) to make.

These four pairs of shoes are all shoes I bought for a specific purpose (and not useable for general use) or were too good of a deal to pass up (on sale or my size in the Belk returned section). Regardless, none of them are keepers. They’re going to the consignment store on Saturday.

On a related note, I realize I’ve been at this for 26 days– I’m still shocked at how many drawers, cabinets and crannies there are to go through in this house. Some days I feel like I’m going to run out of things to go through by March. Other days, I think of all the junk still in the house, and I get overwhelmed and struggle to breathe. My closet evokes the second emotion. I’m curious how long before I feel like the house is free and will that happen before the end of the year. Points to ponder throughout the coming months….

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