January 22

Clothes. I’ve been struggling with how to tackle this one, and I finally figured it out. I use Yours Truly for clothes consigning in Conway, and it’s time to take spring items next week. Throughout the week I’m going through my spring collection, which is stored in various tubs and drawers. I’ve decided that each tub/drawer will count as a separate day. This works because it helps me break up the collection process over a few days, so I don’t get overwhelmed.

Today is the bottom drawer of a chest. I found the following four items:

  • A kimono
  • A jacket
  • A blouse
  • A dress

The kimono is in great shape. I wore it to dad’s retirement party, so I’ve been holding onto it even though I don’t wear it anymore.

The jacket is a cute tomato red from White House Black Market (my new favorite store). I like it, but it’s snug. We’re working on eating healthy but decided if I lose weight and go down a size, I’d rather get to buy something new.

The blouse is from The Limited (my old favorite store). It is too big, and I don’t wear it because of that.

The dress I bought this summer at United Colors of Benneton. It’s cute, but it wrinkles way too easily for the 45 minute car ride to work each day. It’s just not practical.

I plan to finish out the clothes this week and take my finds to Yours Truly on Saturday.

Today’s Count

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  • Sell: 4

Total Count

  • Trash: 12
  • Donate: 85
  • Sell: 22

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