January 21

The t-shirt drawer. It’s a struggle.

When you work for a university and have close ties to another college, you collect a plethora of t-shirts. Because both places are special, you also have memories with each school.

I got this shirt at a game, or I helped create a giveaway with this shirt. Regardless, I have tons of shirts. Some of them are worn out. Some don’t fit. Some just need to go to make room for other items.

I’m donating them to MARVA. They can either sell them in the store or cut them into rags. The rags are sold to local businesses to clean equipment,

Today’s Count

  • Trash: 0
  • Donate: 9
  • Sell: 0

Total Count

  • Trash: 12
  • Donate: 85
  • Sell: 18

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