January 9

Christmas is back in the attic! What a good feeling. I have a tub of extras that I have acquired. This year I went through the tub and made some decisions about what to keep and what to donate.

Here’s a sampling of the donation pile. It included two trash bags of ornament bags and these odds and ends decorations.

While I’m glad to be cleaning out, I am a bit embarrassed about all of this funds I’ve wasted on these items over the years. Most of the things in this haul were only used once. Pretty sure I could have done much better things with those funds. Lesson learned for the future.

For blog purposes, I’m counting this at 29 items (these 9 pictured and the 20 ornament balls).

Today’s Count

  • Trash: 0
  • Donate: 29
  • Sell: 0

Total Count

  • Trash: 3
  • Donate: 45
  • Sell: 10

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